In water surveys

Our company undertakes In water surveys refered by all various classification societies in all type of vessels, with the appropriate equipment adapted to the rules of IACS URZ-17.
in water surveys in lieu of dry docking

  • Extension to dry docking
  • Impact damage inspections



Underwater Hull cleaning

Our company has appropriate and certified equipment to carry out , Hull cleanings on any surface that has undergone marine fouling without causing any damage to the hull coatings. This process offers the restoration of optimal condition of the ship and substantial fuel savings.


Underwater propeller super polishing

We can yield  the best possible result for all types and size of  propellers. This depends on the current situation of propeller. Our services start with  a simple cleaning of surface  up to  a superpolishing  Rupert Scale Grade  A’ accordingly the requirements of our customers. This procedure  achieved


Underwater Marine Constructions/Dock repairs – inspection

Our company carries out underwater works  and inspections for many port projects.

underwater constructions, harbor docks, marinas , industrial tanks, shipyards.

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